Flowisk Garden


When drawing or writing about Undertale, I tend to pull from my own interpretation of the characters. Below is a general guideline of how I like to portray the characters, with some elements being purely for fun.

※I am not particularly interested in AUs, and thus I don't treat these headcanons as being AU content. However, if they diverge too much from the source material for your liking, feel free to think of them as an AU.


  • Age: Around 10, (when resets are ignored)
  • Birthday: August 7
  • Birthplace: the Underground
  • Blood(?) Type: AB
  • Personality: impertinent, tsundere, sometimes cruel
  • Likes: reading, playing video games, exploring the surface, stars, sweets, Frisk (but he won't admit it)
  • Dislikes: being treated like a child, carrots

After the barrier breaks, Flowey eventually winds up living together with Frisk and Toriel on the surface. He eventually settles in well enough, but intends to keep his identity from his parents, believing that they won't be able to recognize him and trusting Frisk to keep his secret. Owing to his plant body, his circadian rhythm becomes attuned to the setting and rising of the sun, leaving him waking up at sunrise and growing tired at sunset. However, as he isn't a regular plant, he needs to eat, and particularly likes sweets. Contrary to his own beliefs, he is able to care about others, although his emotional connection to others is typically weak. Due to everything he has experienced, he struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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  • Age: 10
  • Birthday: September 21
  • Birthplace: unknown
  • Blood Type: A
  • Personality: kindhearted, quiet, determined
  • Likes: cooking, going on walks, spending time with their friends
  • Dislikes: Snail Pie

An enigmatic child who doesn't recall where they came from or what drew them to the Underground, Frisk chooses to live with Toriel after the barrier breaks, and eventually decides to bring Flowey home as well. Overall, they are a very kind-hearted and well-behaved child, though like all children, they can at times be mischievous. They often find themselves keeping Flowey's own mischief in check, however. Due to the influence of their monster friends, Frisk has come to enjoy cooking and likes to help Toriel in the kitchen, although they are still learning and sometimes make mistakes without guidance.