Flowisk Garden

Bittersweet Scenarios

  • While Flowey mutters about his strange feelings towards Frisk, someone overhears him and suggests that he seems to simply have a crush on them. When Flowey hears this suggestion he becomes defensive and tears up, claiming that he couldn't love Frisk even if he wanted to... but, if that were true, he wouldn't feel those strange feelings, would he?
  • One day, Flowey finds himself struggling with negative emotions. Frisk wants to help him somehow, but isn't quite sure how, so they decide to simply give him a gentle hug. Flowey gives Frisk an aside glance, and they begin to back away, but Flowey states that they don't have to end the hug. And so, the hug continues.
  • One night, Flowey seems to have a terrible nightmare, drawing the still-awake Frisk's attention. Wanting to comfort him without waking him up, Frisk lies down beside him and allows him to huddle against their warm sweater. He calms down almost instantly.
  • After learning about the concept of love potions, Flowey decides to try concocting one, intending to drink it and fall in love with Frisk. Not only does the resulting potion taste terrible, but it seems to have no effect. But... was the potion actually needed?