Flowisk Garden

Sweet Scenarios

  • Flowey typically finds himself begrudgingly putting up with Frisk's affection. However, right after eating a slice of Snail Pie, he decides to try kissing Frisk on the lips. Due to their dislike of the pie, they recoil away, much to Flowey's delight.
  • While Flowey is mindlessly doodling one day, Frisk happens to notice that the figure he's drawing resembles them, but cooler and somewhat angelic. When they mention it, Flowey gets defensive and insists that it's not Frisk; rather, it's a character that he made up. Their name is Fritz.
  • Thanks to Sans's influence, Frisk attempts to flirt with Flowey by making a pun, putting their hands on his face and saying that they would like to kiss his "tu-lips". Flowey, in response, spits in their face.
  • Flowey wants to try initiating a kiss with Frisk, but doesn't want to reveal his intent. After learning that humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide—and that plants do the opposite—he proposes that they lock lips and see if they can continue breathing that way.
  • One winter morning, Frisk wakes up before Flowey does, only to discover that he's managed to crawl into their bed and fall asleep beside them. He had intended to wake up before them and sneak back to his own sleeping quarters.
  • Wanting to impress Frisk, Flowey puts a nice ribbon around his stem and waits for compliments. However, he becomes annoyed when he doesn't receive any compliments and nudges them until they mention the ribbon, even starting to tease them after they do bring it up. Regardless, Frisk thinks he looks nice.
  • For fun, Frisk decides to treat Flowey to a spa treatment, gently massaging his head and sepals while he soaks in a bucket full of warm water. Frisk enjoys seeing his relaxed face, and Flowey enjoys receiving affection, but he pretends to merely enjoy being treated like the prince he is.
  • After learning how to make bottle rockets with cola and mentos, Frisk and Flowey try to make some. The first one fails to launch, merely spraying soda and making a complete mess of the surroundings. The second attempt hits—and cracks—a window.